Customized Search Process

Years in the recruiting business have honed our natural gift for recruitment. It’s sharpened our desire to discover remarkable individuals. We’ve gained a greater insight into human nature and the needs of business. Over the years, good judgment has evolved into excellent judgment.

Williams Executive Search has developed a comprehensive methodology and search process that allows for flexibility and a customized approach for each client. Engagements include the following key steps:

Initial Client Meeting

Our initial consultation involves a meeting with key stakeholders to develop an assessment of needs, understanding of the organizational culture and position specifications and requirements. This step is critical to the search process in that we identify and define the factors that will be important for a candidate to be successful in their new role.

Position Profile Development

We then develop a Position Profile that describes your company as well as the position’s responsibilities, title, reporting relationships, compensation, and the education and experience required to meet your performance criteria. We use this “Ideal Candidate Profile” tool in approaching candidates and sources to discuss the search.

Confidential Research Strategy

Along with the position profile we develop a confidential research strategy. This document identifies the multiple sources from which a qualified candidate would likely surface. Some of these may include associations and organizations, specifically targeted companies, as well as other executive resources.

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Sourcing and Prospecting of Candidates

Based on the research strategy, our firm will then make direct contacts to determine the best potential candidates. We contact, both individuals in our proprietary database and individuals identified as sources and prospective candidates during the research phase. This process is designed to yield qualified candidates for comparison and evaluation.

Assessment & Presentation of Candidates

We then interview and assess the most qualified candidates against company objectives and the candidate’s personal and professional objectives. We evaluate critical information such as compensation, relocation issues and career expectations. We ultimately present a report that summarizes our recommendations to the client for their consideration.

Reference and Background Evaluation

When a candidate emerges as the preferred selection, a reference and final background check is conducted. The firm will fully research executive references, academic and other credentials to validate their candidacy. We utilize a 360-degree reference checking process and conduct background checks. After a finalist has been chosen, we facilitate the offer process to help insure a successful hire.

Negotiation, Presentation of Offer and Closing the Search

The final step of our process involves the successful presentation and negotiation of offer to the selected candidate. Our goal is to facilitate the closure of the search strategy and provide the counsel necessary to ensure long term retention of the desired candidate.

Follow-up & Follow-through

Client satisfaction and repeat business have been the long term rewards for our firm. In keeping with our successful approach, we follow-up and stay in communication with our client partners on an ongoing basis to monitor overall satisfaction and assess future needs.

The Williams Executive Search proven methodology for the successful search and selection of senior executives has helped the firm build value for their clients every day. Their focused process, customized for each engagement, has enhanced the firm’s ability to effectively serve clients and transform companies.